Sue Cook


I’m Sue Cook, and I have spent much of my working life covering news stories that affect us consumers on shows like Crimewatch UK, Daytime Live, Breakfast Time and Out of Court.

Like millions of us, I became aware of PPI as it was being widely publicised on TV over the last few years.

And more recently, I became aware that a deadline of 29th August 2019 had been imposed by the FCA for making PPI claims. Apparently, the average claim is £1,886 - and many people find they have multiple claims - so making an enquiry seemed well worth it.

I decided to find out whether I had PPI.

I could make a claim myself directly, without paying a fee but that would require me having to talk personally to the banks and lenders, and I would have to process all the paperwork myself.

An easy option for me was to contact a Claims Management Company so that they deal with the banks on my behalf.

I did this a few years back and was told that I did indeed have PPI with one company, but it wasn’t classed as mis-sold so the case was closed there and then. It didn’t cross my mind to see if there were any loans they hadn’t managed to find out about.

When I heard about I thought it was worth giving my loans history another look. They told me it didn’t matter that I had tried to make a claim before, reassured me that it would be worth trying again, and that the process of signing up online would only take 60 seconds.

Their process was fast enough to ensure that any new claims beat the deadline - 29th August 2019, so I went ahead and signed up.

FindYourPPI, emailed me immediately with a couple of forms to sign, authorizing them to contact the banks on my behalf. Perfect, as it meant they would do all the work for me, and their claims experts would deal directly with my lenders. Even better, I wouldn’t need to speak to any of my banks at all.

How my claim is progressing

After a few weeks, they got back in touch to inform me that they found two accounts that had PPI attached to them, from 30 years ago! They are not the same accounts that were found previously, which goes to show that even if you have tried to find PPI before, it can be worth doing again!

I had no idea I had PPI with these two lenders, so FindYourPPI has now made a claim for mis-selling and I’m waiting for the lender to reply and see what compensation I may be due. If successful, I only pay FindYourPPI 20% plus VAT on any compensation received.

I’ll keep this post updated, so be sure to revisit this page to see how my claim progresses.