If you have had an offer of compensation from your bank, please send us a copy of the letter within seconds using your mobile or tablet device by going to www.findyourppi.com/uploader and follow the onscreen instructions.

Covid-19 Update – we have adapted our working methods at FindYourPPI to follow government guidelines on health and safety and to minimise the service impact on our customers where at all possible. We continue to work on your behalf as normal, working efficiently from home following Government guidelines.

Most banks, however, suffered severe disruption in 2020, ranging from delayed case handling to a temporary hold on PPI investigations, while they diverted their reduced resources to more critical areas of their business. As a result, they still have many PPI cases outstanding that we are working constructively with the banks to bring to a conclusion on our customers behalves.

We will contact you, as normal, when the bank has an update on your claim. If you receive any correspondence directly from your lender, including an offer of compensation, please upload here so that we can advise you on next steps.

You can find the latest coronavirus update from the Government here.

Your questions answered

Please go to www.findyourppi.com/uploader on your mobile or tablet device and upload a copy of the letter to us so that we can advise on next steps. Alternatively, you can scan or take a photo of the correspondence and email it to [email protected]

When your lender writes to you about your claim, including any offer of compensation, they should also send a copy to FindYourPPI for us to process your offer and advise you on next steps. Unfortunately however, sometimes our copy doesn’t arrive until significantly after you have received your offer from your bank.

Sorry, but due to Covid-19 health and safety and other concerns, we are no longer able to receive payments by cheque. Please go here to pay online. Alternatively, you can:

  • Pay by online bank transfer to:
    FindYourPPISort code: 30-98-93

    Account number: 64538260

    Reference: Please enter your FYP reference number from our invoice

  • Call us to make payment on our automated phone payment line: 0203 960 1288

Please see below the detailed methods in which you can settle your outstanding fee:

    1. Pay online at findyourppi.com/pay
    2. Via bank transfer to:
      Name: FindYourPPI
      Sort Code: 30-98-93  Account Number: 64538260  Reference: FYP0XXXXXXX
    3. Call us on 0203 960 1288
    4. For health and safety reasons, exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, we no longer accept payment by cheque. Please pay using one of the above three options

Some banks will process payments that have already been offered without delay but our experience is that payments by other lenders are being delayed by post-deadline backlogs at the banks and the immediate and ongoing impact of Covid-19. As Government advice changes, we hope that banks PPI operations will improve. If there is a delay to your payment of more than 30 days, however, some lenders have reassured that compensation will accrue interest from the date the offer letter was first issued, so you will not be financially worse off for the delay. Some Lenders require an acceptance form to be signed and returned by yourself before they are able to process payment. If you haven’t returned the acceptance form and require another, please let us know so we can request the bank to send you another.

There is no defined timeline, but we are in constant contact with the banks and will update our clients if anything changes.

You can use our document uploader facility – to send documentation to us in seconds, using your mobile phone or tablet click here findyourppi.com/uploader

If your lender is no longer trading or gone out of business but is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), you can still make a PPI claim after the 29 August 2019 deadline. If you would like our help, as a claims management company, to submit your enquiry to FSCS (fees are 20% plus VAT for any successful claim), please contact us here. You do not have to use a claims management company like FindYourPPI to submit your claim. You can make your own enquiry with the FSCS, without paying a fee, by going here.

Unfortunately, the 29 August deadline has now passed

We stopped taking on new cases from executors or power of attorney in the run up to the deadline, but any already taken on board are being processed with the banks.

You do not need to return their call if you do not wish to do so. If you receive a call directly from your lender, you are within your rights to ask them to refer any queries they may have to FindYourPPI as your appointed representative – they have our contact details.

Where a lender does not want to discuss matters with us, as your representatives, we have to question their motives in going directly to you, especially where some clients feel intimidated. Rest assured that we have put forward the strongest possible PPI claim on your behalf based on the information we received from you and your lender. If they require clarification of further information regarding for instance the point of sale of the PPI policy or what job you were doing at the time, they can ask these questions via FindYourPPI.

If, however, you are comfortable with discussing the claim with your lender, then we are happy for you to do so. If at any point you do feel uncomfortable then you can terminate the phone call and refer your lender back to us.

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