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The FCA deadline for PPI claims has now passed.  Due to the massive increase in last minute claims and enquiries in the run up to the deadline, toward the end of August, we are sorry that we have not been as responsive as we usually are to clients emails. We have been catching up rapidly and we thank you for your patience during this time.

Answers can be found to frequently asked questions on our FAQs page. If your question. Has not been answered and you are contacting us about an existing claim, please tell us your case reference number, and other details below.  Thank you for your patience.

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Please view our FAQs here

A: Every client is different. It depends on which Finance Companies we need to contact, how many cases you have and whether we find PPI or not. Our PPI Trace could be all done and dusted in 2 weeks, but it could also last several months.

A: Absolutely not. This is exactly the situation FindYourPPI is geared up to deal with. We’ll get hold of information we need to prepare a PPI compensation claim – you just tell us the Finance Companies you can recall dealing with! However, FindYourPPI is no longer taking on new clients and we urge you to contact your Finance Companies directly and before the deadline in order to help secure your right to claim. You won’t need much information to go directly to your Finance Companies either and there are no charges when you go direct. go to for more information. 

A: Yes. The deadline for making a claim is 29 August 2019. The banks will be very busy in the run up to this date so avoid any delay and act now! You can find more information on the FCA’s website.

A: Yes, as a trading name of Lynden Ltd, we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under Firm Reference Number 834514. Our registration is recorded on the website: